#Antfighter! contest winner

I bought all these books recently. Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with the contest, but I wanted to put a photo in here! TRY AND STOP ME

I am VERY BUSY reviewing my manuscript and brainstorming ways to approach my editorial letter, in case anyone at Arthur A. Levine Books is reading, so this will be a very short blog post. First of all, we have a winner in the #Antfighter! album title contest – many many congratulations to shiny new #Antfighter! groupie Jenn Bailey!

Now if you know (or know of) Jenn you’re already familiar with her Twitter presence, her very active participation in the Kansas chapter of SCBWI, and her shadowy involvement with the imaginary Twitter insurrectionist group #rebelsagainstmikesempire, the persistent enemy of my imaginary Twitter kingdom #mikesempire. But did you know she’s capable of very sly, Old World English humor as well? Because check it out, yo, her entry for the title of #Antfighter!’s debut album is PISMIRE RAIN. I found this definition of “pismire” on dictionary.com:

  • pismire
    late 14c., from pyss  “urine” (in reference to the acrid smell of an anthill) + mire  “an ant,” probably from O.N. maurr  “ant,” perhaps distantly connected with Gk. myrmex,  L. formica  “ant.” Cf. pissant,  also early Du. mierseycke  (from seycke  “urine”), Finn. kusiainen  (from kusi  “urine”).

    “He is as angry as a pissemyre,
    Though þat he haue al that he kan desire.”

    Applied contemptuously to persons from 1560s.

ANT PEE. Used as an insult. Awesome! We had a whole big mess of great entries, of course, so Jenn’s was not unique in being awesome. Sarah Stevenson‘s husband even got into the game, tossing out the following gems: MEN WITHOUT ANTS. ALONE ON A HILL. ALL UP IN YOUR PANTS. Fantastic, right? But an Olde English word that’s basically an ancestor of the word “pissant” definitely stacks up.

Anyway, yo, Jenn of the Bailey clan, you may take your pick of any book from the Erin Murphy Literary Agency client list, the Arthur A. Levine Books catalog, the THE SECRET YEAR by Jenn Hubbard list, or the THE LATTE REBELLION by Sarah Stevenson list!

I will make a real blog post sometime in the future, I guess,



9 thoughts on “#Antfighter! contest winner

  1. Congratulations, Jenn! I always wondered what a pissant was, and now I know. Guess I’ll have to get in on the naming of your next album, Mike. Or song titles? Are they up for naming?

  2. Not sure why Pismire has been in my vocabulary for so long. It’s a family thing, and that tells you a bit about my family. My sibs and I were not allowed to smack each other but were encouraged to “use our words.” Yeah.

  3. Ooo, ooo, Lisa and Jenn, how do I join #rebelsagainstmikesempire?? (heh heh)

    Congrats to Jenn on what is clearly a superior album title. Reminds me of something my husband always says, “Stepant. Piss on ’em!”

    Can’t wait to hear your individual song titles.

    Fun contest, Mike. Thanks.

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