ANTFIGHTER! contest, or I seem to be joining a lot of groups lately…


…although I guess it depends on your definition of “a lot” – for a jittery introvert like myself, any number of groups greater than ONE pretty much qualifies. So it’s unusual and gratifying to find myself with opportunities to join all these new conglomerations of kidlit people, not the least of which is ANTFIGHTER!, the brand-new imaginary Twitter band that was just founded by Jenn Hubbard, Sarah Stevenson (who created the “all ants must die” logo to the right) and myself. Just so you understand, it isn’t just Antfighter, it’s ANTFIGHTER! with the exclamation point. Or maybe AntFighter! Or perhaps just Antfighter! The point is, punctuation matters, people. We are writers, are we not? ARE WE NOT WRITERS?

The maximumrocknroll glory that is ANTFIGHTER! originated in a very off-hand Twitter conversation about the ants that established, healthy, teeming, revolting colonies in the root systems of my office houseplants while I was out on paternity leave. In fact it’s funny how many of my writing-related group affiliations originally sprang from my silly and borderline-sociopathic online presence – signing with my agent, for example. Joan is the best agent I could hope for, and EMLA is a fantastic group to be part of . Likewise, I’m elated to be a part of the Arthur A. Levine Books family. In both cases it really does feel like I’ve joined a family – I can still hardly believe my good fortune.

There are sub-groups within those groups, of course, including EMU’s Debuts, a blog community that you may have checked out already – it’s a group of my fellow EMLA clients who, like me, have received book deals and are navigating the trip between contract and release date. They were gracious enough to dilute the quality of their collective greatness by inviting me onboard, and as a result some of my “oh dude this is a blog post about being, duh, a writer” activity will migrate over there. Well worth the change, if you ask me – it’s really fun to be collectively sharing publication stories like that, especially for a stage of the process that doesn’t seem to get as much airplay as the periods immediately before (querying agents/editors) and after (shiny new book hitting the shelves). So stay tuned ovah there.

I will give you a teaser about an upcoming EMU Debut post of mine, however – I GOT MY EDITORIAL LETTER TODAY! Yee-haw! Yes, I’m gonna leave you hanging, mwahahahaha, because I am a terrible, terrible tease. Anyway, I feel like running a contest! And in honor of some of these groups I’ve been lucky enough to join, here it is.

YOUR TASK: Name the imaginary debut album from imaginary Twitter band Antfighter! Leave it in a comment here, for which you’ll get 1 entry. For an additional entry, fire off a tweet to me (@mike_jung), Sarah (@aquafortis) and Jenn (@JennRHubbard) with your album title, even if it’s just “Hey @mike_jung, @aquafortis & @JennRHubbard, my album title is ANTFIGHTER! $%&*ING RULES!” Get the idea? Of course you do.

WHO WILL WIN: Whatever entry gets randomly selected. Don’t mistake that to mean I don’t employ favoritism – I’m all about favoritism, fear me, YOU NEED TO FEAR ME – but ehh, random is easier.

THE PRIZE: One shiny new book from any of the following groups (see that? See what I did there with the groups and all that? Eh? Eh?):

ETA The Deadline: Oh I don’t know – let’s say a week from now. Midnight Pacific time next Friday, January 21.



32 thoughts on “ANTFIGHTER! contest, or I seem to be joining a lot of groups lately…

    1. Awesome, with an amusingly subtle undertone of 80’s hair metal band nostalgia. Well done–HEY WAIT YOU’RE IN THE BAND

      Oh, and also, ANTFIGHTER!

    1. EXCELLENT. Simplicity is often a virtue, especially when battling ant invaders. You have done well, fan of ANTFIGHTER! (and thanks re: the letter!)

    1. WE WILL PLAY. Cash up front, please. Even if we don’t show up. (psssst, blog readers, we probably won’t show up…)

    1. Thanks! (no condolences required, the letter made me very happy) And kudos on an incendiary entry – YOU ARE THE FIRST REAL LIVE GROUPIE OF #ANTFIGHTER!

  1. I decided to look at the Wikipedia page about ants for inspiration & found the phrase “conflict with humans,” which really seems like a good album name! ANTFIGHTER! CONFLICT WITH HUMANS.

  2. Great, now I have MORE blogs to read. Here’s the album title:

    Back from the Formic Wars, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love “The Little Doctor”

    1. Yo, other contestants who are not Jim Hill, you’re in luck that this is a random drawing, because damn, I LOVE this entry. Jim, kudos to you from the rank and file of #ANTFIGHTER!

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