AARROOOOO! Or, my feeble attempt to not blog on a Friday (for once)

Swag, baby.

This is really just an anticipatory post for tomorrow, when the real action starts. That’s right, minions, I have entered another contest. This one is on the blog of the inimitable Nan Marino, author of NEIL ARMSTRONG IS MY UNCLE AND OTHER LIES MUSCLE MAN MCGINTY TOLD ME, one of my very very favorite books of 2009 and a worthy 2010 Golden Kite Honor Recipient. Nan’s doing this full-on Howling Wolf/Bad Moon Rising contest for the pile of swag shown in the picture at right, including a signed copy of the book in question. What’s required? A simple promise to go out tonight, Thursday, May 27, and howl at the full moon. And because I believe in going the extra mile, am often not afraid to utterly humiliate myself, and have a fetishistic infatuation with the idea of documenting this experience, I’m going to videotape myself howling at the moon and post it here on the ole bloggy wog for all and sundry to see.

Is this a mistake, you ask? Well, possibly, yeah, but what the hey, that hasn’t stopped me from doing nonsensical crap like this before. Does this increase my chances at victory, you ask? Well, the winner will be randomly selected, so the answer is a definitive NO. So then what’s the point of doing this, you ask? THE POINT IS TO AMUSE MYSELF. Have you not read this blog before??

Yours in lycanthropic splendor,


6 thoughts on “AARROOOOO! Or, my feeble attempt to not blog on a Friday (for once)

    1. Thanks Blythe. Glad to know I had company in spirit, even if it was dark and mildly forbidding in the park last night.

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