Music video! Or, NO, I’m not gonna write a picture book about Typhoid Mary, geez

THIS is the right still, dammit.

Rats. I thought I updated that still image. That is NOT flattering… Are you people seeing the still where I have my chin retracted into my neck like a snapping turtle, instead of the one where I’m just holding up an innocuous piece of paper that doesn’t actually make me look grotesque and unhinged? Like this image to the right? Also, it’s been brought to my attention that these vlog clips don’t always play in WordPress? Which just goes to show that everything sucks. So if you wanna avoid any technological hurdles and watch it directly on YouTube, here it is.

Yours in thoughts of contagion,


25 thoughts on “Music video! Or, NO, I’m not gonna write a picture book about Typhoid Mary, geez

  1. LOL!!! Is there no end to your talent…?!?! I feel that there is a part of me that should be deeply darkly greenly envious….

    Just what I needed as I take a break from the writing, the break will end once I go look up Typhoid Mary, or maybe that PBS special—or both.

    Cheers and enjoy your weekend!

    1. WHOA, hold on now. Belle and Sebastian / Christopher Guest? LET’S NOT GET CARRIED AWAY. I mean, thanks, but HOLD ON NOW

  2. First, I must say your wife is a SAINT! Second, you have a lovely voice. Third, thank you for the history lesson. Fourth, YOU ROCK!

    1. Thanks Marci! My wife is…well, not a saint, but I mean that in, you know, a good way. She actually had no clue I was filming this vlog clip, as she was watching an episode of “Modern Family” with headphones…

  3. Mike – did you say feces in your song? Just for that I love you even more. Ah well, even if you didn’t say feces I’d still love you. I mean who makes up a Typhoid Mary song? Too freaking cool. And you have such a pretty singing voice – emphasis on the pretty. I think your singing voice is higher than mine.

    1. I agree with you 100 perce–uh, I mean, shucks, I’m not awesome! (pssst, blog readers, I’M TOTALLY AWESOME)

    1. Thanks Shan! Yeah, I’m good at a couple of things. Just to be balanced, there are about a thousand other things that I’m absolutely terrible at. Sports. Making small talk. Earning money…

  4. When does Hollywood contact you, dear bloggy wog? If they do can you autograph something for me? I mean, like, before you get all famous and stuff?

    p.s. You kinda owe me. I told Nan over at Ramble Street NOT to give me the prize, but to give it to you. Nice of me, right?

    1. For you, Lee, I’m happy to autograph stuff. (Okay, I’m happy to do that for anyone…) VERY, VERY NICE OF YOU to tell Nan to name me the randomly chosen winner of her contest, yes. I accept! 😉

  5. DUDE! I am way impressed. There IS a picture book in this, plus the fact you can ADD the music cd as an insert. VOILA. Marketing is done.

    1. Aw, thanks Vivian! Geez, the Typhoid Mary PB idea is actually gaining traction. Has everybody been drinking? 😉

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