Pre-order giveaway! Free stuff!

Come on, who doesn’t like free stuff? To get right to the point, everyone who pre-orders a copy of the Boys in the Back Row (which recently got a starred review from School Library Journal) from Mrs. Dalloway’s Bookstore will be entered into my FABULOUS PRE-ORDER GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA. Behold the prizes (pictured above):

  1. Every pre-order will be autographed (and personalized, if you like). OK, that’s not really a prize;
  2. Every pre-order will be sent with a lovely thank-you card featuring Mike Maihack‘s art from my debut novel, Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities. More like swag than a prize;
  3. Twelve lucky and randomly-chosen winners will receive a free paperback of my second novel, Unidentified Suburban Object! Definitely a real prize! And…
  4. One lucky winner will receive a stuffed fish-animal-thingiehoohoo that has nothing at all to do with The Boys in the Back Row, but which I did make with my own hands. At the risk of sounding overly impressed with myself, it’s a super cool prize, with strikingly crafted, unnervingly human-like teeth.

To amp up the happy fun times even more, I’ll announce the winners live during my virtual launch party, co-hosted by Mrs. Dalloway’s and my publisher, Levine Querido on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at 4PM! The bright lights! The showmanship! The actual details of the event that I’ll totally have nailed down soon! So come on, pre-order from Mrs. Dalloway’s (don’t forget to write a note if you’d like it personalized) and throw your hat in the ring today. You know you want to.

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