Unidentified Suburban Object: Fishbowl of Prizes

How Can You Win a Whacky Fishbowl of KidLit Prizes?
(Including a signed copy of Mike Jung’s middle grade novel and other Jung-ian author treasures…)

  1. Catch sight of Mike Jung’s new children’s book,
    Unidentified Suburban Object on shelves or online.
  2. Snap a picture & share it on your social media.
  3. Hashtag the post with #USOSighting.

Curious City will follow the hashtag like a slathering shark on a shimmering school of silver swordfish.


On 6/1/16, one random #USOSighting hashtagger will be contacted with the electric news that they have won the Unidentified Suburban Object Fishbowl of Prizes! (That winner will have 4 days to respond before we swim on to other fish in the sea.)