Scholastic Reads!

Arthur A. Levine being interviewed for the Scholastic Reads podcast
*sniff* I love my editor.

Why yes, in fact I WAS interviewed for the Scholastic Reads Podcast, thank you for asking.

I started writing my first manuscript ten years ago. Two years later I attended my first SCBWI Summer Conference, where I heard a certain editor deliver a keynote about picture books that included a single, sly photographic reference to a certain boy wizard. The year after that I exercised my newfound children’s/YA book discovery muscles by picking up a book about a character named Marcelo, whose story absolutely floored me with its depth of feeling and love for humanity. If someone had walked up to me at that time and said “hey, I know it seems like Arthur A. Levine and Francisco Stork exist on an entirely different plane of literary reality from you, but in 7 years you’re going to be featured in a Scholastic podcast with both of them,” I might have said “HOW GULLIBLE DO YOU THINK I AM?” Or maybe “EXACTLY HOW MUCH HAVE YOU HAD TO DRINK?”

Now, of course, things are different; Arthur’s both my editor and one of my very closest friends, and I’ve met and done events with Francisco, who’s every bit as big-hearted and generous as people say he is. Still, I wouldn’t have predicted this back then. Me sharing the spotlight with one of the finest novelists of our generation and one of the most acclaimed and successful editors of all time? I mean, come on, that would have been totally bananas.

One thought on “Scholastic Reads!

  1. This is fantastic news- and am not surprised: both “Geeks, Girls and Secret Identities” and the new “Unidentified Suburban Object” made me laugh out loud, on airplanes, and moved me. Go Mike!!!!!

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