That’s terrible, isn’t it? Blurbshare. Sounds like a poorly branded social media app. Anyway, review copies of Unidentified Suburban Object are available on Edelweiss, which is fun news, if a bit nerve-racking because people are going to have, you know, opinions and whatnot. I shall therefore soothe myself by sharing a blurb. The book has received blurbs from some truly fantastic people – Ellen Oh, for example. Author of the Prophecy series. Author of the forthcoming MG novel Spirit Hunters. Founder and president of We Need Diverse Books™. Super-badass. Ellen’s one of my heroes, and this blurb means the world to me. I’m also entertained by the asterisked note from Scholastic. Behold!

“How much do I love this book? Unidentified Suburban Object is a wonderfully heartwarming and seriously funny tale about a Korean girl who has always felt alien . . . only to discover [REDACTED].* Mike Jung has a talent for writing books that I wish I had written instead. Curse you, Mike Jung!!!!”
— Ellen Oh, founder of #WeNeedDiverseBooks and author of The Prophecy Series

*Are you kidding? We’re not giving this away! You have to read the book!

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