The 3.23 Year Old’s Favorite Song

This morning as I got ready for work I walked past the kids’ bedroom, where the 3.23 year old was putting on his favorite stripey shirt while unselfconsciously singing his current favorite song, “You’ve Got a Friend.” I paused to listen to his soft, high-pitched voice, with its unmodulated breathiness and its blurry imprecision on the fricatives, and it occurred to me that some people might perceive such a moment as thoroughly mundane – banal, even, if viewed through a lens of uninvolvement – but of course I’m as far from uninvolved as can be. Hearing my son sing about friendship is among the simplest of pleasures, but it’s also one of the most profoundly moving experiences I can imagine having, and I stood there for a minute or two, listening, feeling my love for him fill me up, astonished by my good fortune at having this amazing boy in my life.


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