It’s always entertaining and interesting to see the occasional blip of online conversation about writers talking (or, to be more precise, not talking) about the desire to make money. Maybe they’re more than blips and I’m just not tuned in, I don’t know. I certainly do want to make money from my writing – if I didn’t want that I don’t know that I’d bother to pursue publication. There are multiple reasons why I pursue publication, of course, and the prospect of earning some money is definitely one of them.

If it was my only reason to pursue publication I sure as hell wouldn’t keep it up, because I could do it easier in other ways, but all the stuff about creativity, community, exploration of self, readership, etc. can’t be separated from the money part – they kind of all go together for me, at least in terms of pursuing publication.

OTOH, if it was purely a matter of wanting to engage in the creative process of writing and nothing else I don’t know that I’d write novels, since writing novels is a colossal pain in the ass. I’d probably just blog or babble on and on here on Facebook. The carrot of publication is what keeps me working on the novels.

Are we tacitly prohibited from saying we’d like to pull down some cash for our writing? I mean, I definitely want to. I think sometimes it’s hard not to think OH $&@%, I’M NOT ACTUALLY MAKING SQUAT and focus on the other stuff in order to avoid falling into an abyss of discouragement, but I’m feeling okay about wanting the money. We live in the real world, after all.


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