Eyes on the prize

Thoughts on publication: I didn’t sell a new book in 2013 (or in 2012 for that matter), and I can’t lie, it’s been frustrating. This business moves soooooooo slowly. I’m clearly not one of the authors who perpetuate the “book a year” mythology, mostly because, well, I’m just not a very fast writer. What I AM is impatient and generally twitchy. But I think it’s important to note that at no point during that time have I experienced any hopelessness about my PROSPECTS to publish more books.

A new book deal hasn’t happened over the past two years, but a new book deal has always felt eminently possible. Probable, even. It still does. I know not everyone feels that optimistic; a lot of friends and colleagues are struggling with that particularly terrible brand of doubt. I’m not. So, impatience aside, I still have plenty of reason to feel good about things, because I still have plenty of reason to believe I’ll sell that next book, and the one after, and the one after that. Eyes on the prize, o tiny people who live inside my computer. Eyes on the prize.


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