The 2.99 year old is very interested in planes these days. Seaplanes, to be precise (we’ve been watching a lot of PORCO ROSSO). Accordingly, his new favorite activity is flying, by which I mean pretending a couple of plastic clothes hangers are planes and flying them in circles through the living room and kitchen, making jet-engine noises and calling everyone in the house “Pilot This” and “Pilot That.”

One of these recent flights took us on over 50 circuits through the living room and kitchen, and I can’t lie, it was getting pretty damned monotonous. The prospect of continuing on and on with it was really testing me. But then we landed our coat hangers/seaplanes on the ocean/living room floor, whereupon Pilot 2.99 Year Old gave me a big hug and said “I love you so much, Pilot Da-Da.”

And of course that made me think “Oh right, this is my son, and he’s beautiful and amazing, and he loves doing this, and I’m perfectly willing to walk in circles pretending these hangers are airplanes until civilization crumbles into moldering fragments around us.”

One of his birthday gifts is a shiny new Green Toys seaplane. We anticipate a positive reaction.


One thought on “Seaplanes

  1. Mike, this is a delightful chronicle of a boy’s love of flying, and a testament to mighty powers of imagination -and perseverance- in both father and son!

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