The Author/Parent Dream Scenario

Yesterday I attended Back to School Night, which I’ve discovered is a weird package of trauma reactivation for me – Finding a seat in the classroom! Alpha dog personalities! Unfathomable social dynamics! Being in the school building itself! Aack! – but of course I was there as a parent, and the 7.30 year old deserves to have a dad who’ll tolerate those emotional complexities in order to fully participate in her life.

She ended up paying me back in a retroactive kind of way, too. Her teacher (who is fabulous) told me that recently someone noticed a Todd Parr book in the classroom and said something about knowing him, which is pretty cool. The 7.30 year old piped up to announce that her daddy is an author, and apparently talked at some length about my book. Apparently she was just bursting with pride.

Every author/parent’s dream, am I right? If for some reason my writing career were to come screeching to a halt today, that little speech by the 7.30 year old would be enough to view my writing career as a success. I love my kid.


5 thoughts on “The Author/Parent Dream Scenario

  1. This is fantastic, both that she appreciates and supports you publicly and that you acknowledge that and love her for it!

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