Last night the 2.75 year old distracted me from my impending conference-related demise by demonstrating another of his increasingly numerous post-toddler mannerisms. We were picking books to read at bedtime, and at one point he said “Hey, Daddy, I have an idea!” He turned around, put his left hand on his hip, and in a show of deep contemplation, tapped his lips with the first two fingers on his right hand. He then said “How about we look for books in the living room?” This was a perfectly good, sensible request – we have more than one stash of picture books – but really, after all the “Hey!” and “How about this?” and tapping of lips with fingers, it would have sounded perfectly reasonable if he’d said “Let’s pour a fifth of tequila into the aquarium!” or “My penis can talk, and it says its name is Bobo!”

Tomorrow I leave for/arrive at the 2013 SCBWI Summer Conference, my first as a faculty member. I’m currently in a state of RAMPAGING TERROR about this, so if I see you there and vomit on any part of your body or any one of your possessions, err, I’m sorry?

4 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Pro tip: If any upchuck chucks up whilst you’re at the conference, just put one hand on your hip and tap your lips with two fingers to hold it in.

  2. I’m headed to the conference for my first time and can’t wait to soak it all up and meet you. I will still be in awe, even if you lose your lunch. Good luck!

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