Being one of those socially inept introverts who give a bad name to introverts in general is often hard – the psychological ricochet after social events is discombobulating, the fear of social judgment is tiresome to do battle with, and the suspicion that the rest of the world is speaking a language you lack fluency in is discouraging. And yet, I seem to be developing positive relationships with people in the children’s publishing industry anyway. I still feel out of place and out of sorts on a regular basis, and I’m certain I’ll have to contend with those feelings for the rest of my life, but the feeling of belonging that I have in this community is the strongest such feeling I’ve ever had in any community. It’s not entirely substantial – the overwhelming majority of my interactions with people are virtual, and those interactions are limited by nature – but there’s more substance to this multiplicity of new relationships than I originally would have dared hope for. And the number of people who I feel a genuine, real-world, non-internet bond with is shockingly large, at least by my standards. It’s a somewhat theatrical question to ask, but have I found my place in the world? I wonder if I have. It’s a startling thought.


3 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. I remember thinking as a kid, how freeing it would be as an adult.Not to worry about fitting in because after all adults don’t worry about such things! It is interesting to find out that we all still sit on our metaphoric bench waiting to be chosen for the team! But I am here to tell you my friend that you are geekishly charming with a comedic charm that keeps your readers reading!
    And I have a feeling that YOU have made it to chooser!

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