Regarding LA13SCBWI

Yes, I AM posting something here about LA13SCBWI because my blog URL is posted on the conference website, which means people might actually come here and sniff around, pee on the shrubbery, that sort of thing. Wait, that’s a bad metaphor – why would anyone pee on the shrubbery here? Can you tell that I’m flummoxed and off-balance and wildly excited about being on the faculty for the SCBWI Summer Conference this year? Because I am, y’know. My publishing career has been a succession of dreams come true, big and small, and this is closer to the big end of the scale – I’ve wanted to work this conference ever since I first attended it in 2008, and now all my blackmail–err, I mean hard work is paying off! Huzzah, I hope to see you there!


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