A contest is such a transparent way to get people to do stuff, isn’t it? HEY LOOK, A CONTEST!

GEEKS, GIRLS, AND SECRET IDENTITIES launch party door prize

It’s been an exciting two days of writerly fun! I feel like giving stuff away! Okay, I’m trying to convince you to pre-order my book too. Might as well own it, huh? Here we go: I have these door prizes to give away at my launch party, but many of you CANNOT ATTEND MY LAUNCH PARTY! So I’m gonna reserve one of those door prizes for y’all. If you pre-order my iddy biddle book before October 1 through the fine independent bookseller Mrs. Dalloway’s Bookstore, you’ll automatically be entered to win the following:

1. A copy of Dan Santat‘s domesticated superhero graphic novel SIDEKICKS;
2. A framed 8×10 drawing of Harry Potter & Hedwig by GEEKS illustrator Mike Maihack;
3. An entertainingly old-school wind-up tin toy robot;
4. A copy of Martha Brockenbrough‘s stellar debut novel DEVINE INTERVENTION (Not available at the launch party! Just for you, babies!); and
5. A lovely GEEKS, GIRLS, AND SECRET IDENTITIES tote bag to carry it all in.

Yes, there’s a heavy Arthur A. Levine Books slant to this prize package – I’m nothing if not loyal to my publisher. And yes, I’ll still autograph every pre-order that goes through Mrs. Dalloway’s, and include a Captain Stupendous Fan Club ID badge, complete with lanyard, which should revive happy memories of particularly enjoyable conferences you’ve attended in the past. That’s it! Pre-order a book, enter to win the contest! I’ll even provide the link! Ready? READYSETGO!

Oh, please do pre-order the book from Mrs. Dalloway’s. It’s a good thing to do.


6 thoughts on “A contest is such a transparent way to get people to do stuff, isn’t it? HEY LOOK, A CONTEST!

    1. Thanks Jim! All orders through Mrs. Dalloway’s will get Captain Stupendous Fan Club ID badges too, regardless of the contest – heck, I’ll toss in enough for the whole family.

  1. Done, done & bragged about it, too!

    Aside from being a loyal fan, I’ve been seriously waiting to read this book ever since you first described it. This, my liege, is MY kind of book! Congratulations & rock the launch party!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Dawn! I have to think of some equivalent of myself holding a gigantic curved blade over my head so I can have a picture as terrifyingly awesome as yours. Something with a can opener, maybe.

  2. Well, I’ve already pre-ordered two copies from Mrs. Dalloway’s and I can’t wait to see the superhero doodle you promised. I’m keeping one copy and giving one away on my own blog. Eager to finally get to read this! Congrats, Mike!

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