Blurbs are really fun, yo

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Fans of Matthew Cody’s POWERLESS will find much to like about GEEKS, GIRLS, AND SECRET IDENTITIES. Hey look, I wrote my own blurb…

Seriously, aren’t they? Here’s something I didn’t know – you can actually get two blurbs from the same person! One that’s like the official blurb that might go on the actual book jacket, and one that’s the unofficial blurb that really won’t work on the book jacket for a variety of reasons but is so flipping awesome that you wanna use it somehow anyway. Such it is with this unofficial (or maybe just “semi-official”) blurb from Matthew Cody, author of the outstanding MG superhero novel POWERLESS, as well as its upcoming sequel SUPER. Ready?

“If Stan Lee had written Freaks and Geeks it would look like this!” – Matthew Cody, author of POWERLESS

Now, the reason this blurb won’t be used on the book itself should be pretty apparent – 9-12 year old kids are very unlikely to give a rodent’s hairy patootie about a late 1990s genre-busting TV show that was unceremoniously canceled after a single season. However, long-standing Judd Apatow fans like myself who still mourn the untimely demise of Freaks and Geeks (as well as the equally lamentable termination of his slightly more recent series Undeclared) just might fall over and hit their heads on the floor from lurching, uncoordinated glee, just like I did.

Of course Stan “The Man” Lee is the all-powerful demigod who, in concert with the immortal Jack “King” Kirby, led Marvel Comics through the most fertile and game-changing era of character creation in the history of the comic book industry. GEEKS, GIRLS, AND SECRET IDENTITIES is peppered with not-so-subtle references to their creations.

In other words, this semi-official blurb won’t mean a lot to the typical middle-grade reader, but it pushes a whole slew of MY personal fanboy buttons. Pretty great, huh? I tell ya, this “being a writer” thing just keeps getting more and more fun…



6 thoughts on “Blurbs are really fun, yo

  1. Congratulations on a great blurb, and glad you are having such fun along the way! Personally, I fluctuate between thinking this is fun and being totally freaked out in the whole debut-book-process. Hope someday to be as calm and collected as you are!

    1. Thanks Amy! I really wouldn’t describe myself as calm and collected, but I am trying to enjoy every part of this as much as possible. Seems important, y’know? Hope you can manage the freak-out process and enjoy it too, and congrats!

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