My First Ever Review! Sort of!

Do you know Kari Anne Holt, author of MIKE STELLAR, NERVES OF STEEL and the zombie haiku epic BRAINS FOR LUNCH? She’s terrific (and has an incredible manuscript in progress!), and her son just provided the very first review of GEEKS, GIRLS, AND SECRET IDENTITIES. It’s flippant, derisive, uninformed, and AWESOME!

I think it’s the “trust ME” at the end that tips this review over into the realm of true greatness. You have to respect such unshakable conviction, right?


5 thoughts on “My First Ever Review! Sort of!

  1. Wow! this boy is a man of few words( I went to the written blurb at Indie Press and then navigated back to this video…) I’m speechless. You are on your way Mike!

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