We haz a winner, yo

The Gentleman Bug, a picture book by Julian Hector
I identify with the Gentleman Bug. I'd hang out with him if he was, you know, real.

The winner of the Julian Hector picture book giveaway extravaganza, held in honor of the 2011 edition of Random Acts of Publicity, is Pat Zietlow Miller! Congratulations Pat, I’ll hunt you down via one of the many social media networks we’re both on – once you’ve sent me your address and the name of your indie store of choice I’ll get your copies of MONDAY IS ONE DAY, THE GENTLEMAN BUG and THE LITTLE MATADOR out in the mail right away.

My first round of line edits are done, by the way! Exciting stuff. We’ll see how much more polish that puppy needs, but in the meantime I have a couple of other writing projects to get back to, including a new mystery project that I feel very happy to be a part of. I honestly don’t know if I can spill the beans about it yet – I’ve been so consumed with other stuff that I actually haven’t made the effort to ask if it’s okay to go public – but there’s been something like radio silence around it, so I’ve held off on saying anything. So keep your eyes peeled for this confidential double-secret probation writing news at some point in the future. No, it’s not a new book deal, but it’s very cool nonetheless. Until then, minions…



4 thoughts on “We haz a winner, yo

  1. Well, thanks, Mike! I’m honored. It’s almost like winning an Emmy. Oh, wait, that’s later tonight. Can’t wait to get the books. Several of them have been on my “I really need to read that” list.

    Can’t wait to hear about you super-secret announcement.

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