I want to show you my, what do you call it, oh yeah, right, my COVERRRRRR

Sheer perfection, right?

The thing is, I don’t have much to say about this cover that I haven’t already said in a thousand other places. Yes, those of you who rely on my blog to provide information  FIRST have been royally screwed, but then again, if you are relying on my blog for first alert info, err, you’re not paying terribly close attention as it is…

THIS IS THE COVER FOR MY BOOK GEEKS, GIRLS AND SECRET IDENTITIES! I have a cover! Designed by Phil Falco, no less, who’s also done stellar covers for the likes of How to Say Goodbye in Robot, The Eleventh Plague, and Tentacles, and illustrated by Mike Maihack, who’s done about a zillion cool things in the comic book world.

There’s my little protagonist Vincent Wu with that one cute little clenched fist, standing front and center! Ain’t he a tough little guy? My brother described the robot as “Kirby-esque,” which of course makes perfect sense to all of you old-school Marvel Comics aficionados who remember the halcyon days of Jack “King” Kirby, who partnered with the legendary Stan “The Man” Lee in creating a new world order for superhero devotees like yours truly. Pretty cool to have that kind of association with my little book.

I mean, dude, it’s AMAZING, is it not?? I’m kind of in shock over how good it is – it’s like a #$%&ing dream how these incredibly good things keep happening right at the very start of my career as an author. Either I’m on an incredible hot streak of good luck (which I might be anyway), or somebody up there just likes me. Or the planets are all aligning in exactly the right way at exactly the right moment or something, I don’t know. Whatever, man – I’m gobsmacked and blubberingly thankful for my good fortune. It’s the cover of my book!


26 thoughts on “I want to show you my, what do you call it, oh yeah, right, my COVERRRRRR

    1. Yeah, that’s cool, isn’t it? Like a repulsor ray, or maybe it’s a piece of flight mechanism. (and thanks!)

  1. As I’ve said elsewhere Mike, WOOO HOOO!!!!

    I am laughing, though, because when I read that your brother said the cover was Kirbyesque, I was thinking vacuum cleaner brand–that he was saying the robot looked like a big vacuum cleaner! I think your interpretation is undoubtedly both correct, and much better!

    1. Although there is a scene in the book where the robot does–well, you’re just gonna have to wait to find out that part, wontcha? 😉

  2. Mike, you are awesome! Congrats! Even though I vowed to never read a middle grade novel since I stopped teaching middle school, I met make an exception for your book. When it’s out?

  3. It’s wonderful. The robot makes me think of the robot in the Ricky Ricotta books, although I’m guessing this one isn’t nearly as nice. My favorite part of the cover? Seeing that guy’s cool name UNDER the title! Congrats, Mike. 🙂

  4. I love the perspective the artist demonstrates. It really makes me curious in a good way. Congratulations! I am looking forward to seeing your book in the hands of local young middle schooler’s!

    1. Thanks Raelene! Yeah, I really like all the creative decisions that were made on the cover. And middle schoolers with my book, wouldn’t that be great?

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