A Very Short Post in the Midst of Much Blogging in Other Places

This is a total non-sequitur image, but my wife came through with a valentine she knew I'd like.

Yes yes, perhaps I’m cheating YOU, the beloved readers of my personal blog, by doing all this blogging in other venues like EMU’s Debuts, where I posted last week and where I’ll post again next week. I suppose I should think of a topic for that post, huh?

The stuff running through my head these days is all about transitions – from non-published writer to pubbed author, from deal to debut, from pre-editorial-letter manuscript to post-editorial-letter revision – so there’s no shortage of material. For THAT blog, anyway – there are multiple shortages right now for THIS blog. Writing’s like that, though, iddnit? As is life in general? Do you see how the brevity of this post doesn’t stop it from being conceptually titanic and profound?

And yes, I’m afraid that’s the whole post, because with EMU-related blogging obligations last week and next week (plus that whole silly “revising my book for my editor” thing) I gotta cut my losses a bit and come back to this blog later. But hey, if Arthur Levine can write really short blog posts due to a shortage of time, I can too, right? Oh I know, “Mike Jung, I know Arthur A. Levine, and you are no Arthur A. Levine” – yeah yeah, I know that, as my daughter would say.

Farewell for now, oh bloggy wog readers, we’ll get back on the horse sometime in March. In the meantime, go to Ellen Oh’s blog and tell her how upset you are that I didn’t win her haiku contest. OH I’M JUST KIDDING, geez, calm down – I’m not bitter. You know what, instead go check out this gift I gave Ellen to congratulate her on her shiny new book deal and make some positive comments about me. Apparently Ellen’s kids, who used to adore their online friend Zombie Mike, are kind of grossed out by the “shoe in mouth” photo I posted on last week’s EMU post. I could use some good PR with them right now.



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