I guess this is when my blog posts start getting shorter and less frequent…

No, it didn't come with the glasses, but it's still a remarkably good likeness, right? Especially the wardrobe.

…at least for the next few months. My wife and I ARE expecting a second baby any minute, after all. (ANY MINUTE, KIDDO. No need to dawdle.) I am terribly preoccupied with waiting for everything that I’m waiting for – there are all sorts of potentially good developments going on in my life! And while waiting for stuff is murderously difficult, it’s a lot easier when you know all the stuff you’re waiting for is either potentially great, or unequivocally, no-doubt-about-it, actually great. The impending birth of my son, for example. There’s no doubt about it – he’s gonna be great.

A great thing that I don’t have to wait for? The hilariously cool zombie buddy doll (pictured here) that my pal Ellen Oh and her fantastic daughters Summer, Skye and Gracie sent me. The Oh girls are the ones who previously memorialized me in zombie form, if you’re wondering why those names are tickling your memory. 

So bear with me here, people, my mind is all over the map. As will be this blog post. I went to the regional SCBWI conference at Mills College in Oakland yesterday, where I got to hang out with awesome people like Cheri Williams, Keely Parrack and Bruce Hale, who remembered my name! He seems like one of those stellar people who’d remember everyone’s name, doesn’t he? The big highlight was getting to meet my agent, Ammi-Joan Paquette, in real life and everything! It’s honestly not something I really expected to do until the next EMLA client retreat I make it to, but Joan was on the faculty of this conference, a scant 4 months or so after offering me representation. It’s nice when the universe unexpectedly throws you a bone like that. Joan is great, and hanging out with her in person only affirmed my belief that I made the right decision when I signed on as her client. I also got to meet fellow Ammi-Joan Paquette Book-Writing Writer Client Lisa Schulman, who is great in her own right. It’s fun to have agent-mates, yanno?

Waiting aside, it’s almost assured that I’ll heroically rush my wife off to the hospital to give birth before I get the chance to make another blog post. Thus, I shall leave you with this scant-but-powerful handful of thoughts:

  1. There is no higher form of praise than to be artistically rendered in zombie form by your friends’ children.
  2. It’s also pretty cool when they decide to always refer to you as “Zombie Mike.”
  3. I impulse-bought The Memory Bank by Carolyn Coman and Rob Shepperson, and I can already tell it’s gonna be so amazing that you should buy it too.
  4. Having an agent is cool! In so many ways! Sometimes you get to hang out with your agent! And meet other writers represented by your agent! And buy books written by other writers represented by your agent, like Elliot and the Goblin War by Jennifer Nielsen! And buy books written by your agent, like The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies, then clumsily force her to autograph them for you!
  5. For all of my introverted and socially dysfunctional compulsions to metaphorically padlock myself to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I’m always happy as the proverbial clam when I get out and actually meet other folks in the kidlit community. It really does feed my soul in an unmatched way.

Au revoir for now, babies. Wish me luck – with my prospects for a book deal, with my FrankenSmack work-in-progress, and most of all with my family’s soon-to-be new member. It’s been a fun and exciting weekend, and it’s a gigantic no-brainer to say the excitement is only gonna ramp up from here on out.

Paternally yours,


23 thoughts on “I guess this is when my blog posts start getting shorter and less frequent…

  1. Here’s wishing that a month from now finds you sleeping through the night (!), accepting a book deal, and blogging from a castle. I love that you’re so up, Mike. Have fun with the new guy – OMG, babies are awesome!
    Take care-

    1. Thanks Trinity! Sleeping through the night a month from now is not something I’m gonna bet on – getting ANY SLEEP AT ALL will be good enough, I think. Book deal and castle, though? TOTALLY WITHIN MY GRASP 😉

  2. So excited and happy for you, Mike. Keep us posted when the big event happens.
    And Zombie Mike is quite spectacular. Congrats on all your wonderful events. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jim! Just because your comment is so nice, I’ll refrain from being malevolent for the next 20 minutes or so… 😉

  3. Fabulous Zombie likeness!! (Way to go, Ellen, Skye and Gracie!! :))

    Mike, I wish you all good things in your new ventures, especially those of the paternal kind. That’s one lucky kid.

    1. Aw, thanks Lena. I hope he feels lucky – eventually, anyway. I know he’s gotta go through those periods of griping and rebellion like every other kid.

    1. I couldn’t be happier about signing with Joan, Laurie! We’re lucky to have her in our corner, and thanks, I hope he makes a smooth entrance…

    1. Thanks Heather! Wow, your five-year-old must be a ball of fire to kick your butt at Operation. And yes, the Oh girls are fully magnificent.

    1. Thank you Medeia! In a weird way this particular blog post helped me manage the stress – sometimes it really helps me to put something down in words, at least to some degree. Candy corn helps too, though.

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