Megan Whalen Turner, revision, and why this blog’s gonna dry up for a couple of weeks

I don’t want to say Megan Whalen Turner writes the best personalized autographs in the whole world – I got some cool personalized books, yo – but she and Cindy Pon just might be the finest “get the book personalized”/”personalize the book” tandem in the biz. I don’t say that just because I’m so totally blown away by MWT’s books, although I AM totally blown away by them – so good!

The contest was TOTALLY RIGGED, MWAHAHAHA--err, I mean, hey, I won fair and square! Honest! Really!

It’s also because I now have the entire Queen’s Thief series in my possession, with a snappy personalized John Hancock in each volume! You probably know already that I dominate Cindy’s blog contests, with my latest crushing victory leading to a signed copy of A Conspiracy of Kings (scroll down to the bottom of this blog post and you’ll see what I mean). I’m genuinely thrilled about these prizes, just so you know – Cindy showed tremendous generosity in carting these books around and getting ’em signed by MWT herself, and Megan (oh, should I call her Megan? Is that presumptuous?) has been a great sport about personalizing the books in a way that’ll entertain me, and maybe Cindy, and probably nobody else on the planet. I am now, unsurprisingly, a rabid, slavering MWT fan. I was a devoted Cindy Pon fan already, of course.

I’m gonna wait to read A Conspiracy of Kings, shockingly – I wouldn’t have predicted that a few days ago, right after I’d finished The King of Attolia and was nearly weeping because I couldn’t jump right into the next book. But you know, I HAVE AN AGENT NOW, YES, OH YEAH, YEAH YEAH YEAH, and I’m in the midst of revising! It’s been quite pleasant thus far, perhaps because the revision notes are pretty light overall, which means I have the tasty prospect of going out on submission sometime in the relatively near future. So I’m pouring my energies into that process for the rest of this week. When I’m not, um, writing blog posts, that is…

Be warned that the ole bloggy wog will be disappointingly low on updates for the next couple of weeks, babies – I’m going to SCBWILA10 (rah!), and I suspect I’m going to be consumed with packing and prep beforehand, and fried from travel and people time afterward. I’m sure I’ll be all revved up to blog some more once I’m back – I plan to take both cameras with me, still and Flip, so who knows, there may even be some vlogging going on. I’m assembling a subtle, small-scale costume for the Saturday fiesta, and the materials are starting to arrive. I got the anatomically correct plush heart today, the fake hand has apparently shipped, and I’ll probably go with straight-up red paint for the gory splatter effect. We’ll see how it all turns out. Live and be well, little ones, and if you’re all broked up over the impending bloggy wog drought, get on over to my agent mate Anna Staniszewski’s Celebration Giveaway – our agent (our agent! Ha!) closed a deal for Anna’s debut novel, and she’s giving stuff away out of sheer glee.



20 thoughts on “Megan Whalen Turner, revision, and why this blog’s gonna dry up for a couple of weeks

  1. Seriously, Mike. You gotta start letting some of the rest of us win things.

    Have an awesome time at SCBWILA and yay for happy revisions! 🙂

    1. NEVER! I WILL NEVER…actually I’m already on a contest hiatus, Larissa, but you know, there’s all that stuff I won BEFORE going on hiatus…

    1. Thanks Brad! But my costume, it is a teeny bit more gory and horror-inspired than a big bird. Unless it was a flesh-eating killer big bird. Which I may have to go write a book about now…

  2. WHAT??? I don’t believe it! You – pack? Like your own stuff? REally?

    I wish I was going to SCBWI also. Man I’m bummed. But you will represent the Koreans for us – dude.


    1. I will represent! I’m bummed you’re not gonna be there, Ellen – the Asian triad with only two people is…well, not a triad.

    1. My secret hope is that people will be HORRIFIED by my costume, Paul, but I’ll be satisfied if they just chuckle once or twice. I wish you were going too, one of these days I’d really like to say hello in person!

  3. I’m just glad that the Hot Asian Chicks are finally going to have a Hot Asian Dude to keep them company. And bummed that the Hot Jewish Chick isn’t going to be there to sustain further foot injuries from her dancing.

    1. Is there gonna be a hot asian dude there? Somebody introduce me to that guy so I can get some pointers…

      Sarah, do you injure your feet EVERY time you dance? You must have some particularly violent moves in your repertoire. 😉

  4. This was actually a particularly special move, which involved leaping off a low platform barefoot onto concrete to get jiggy with Jay Asher. It was a sight to behold, of so I’m told. The best part is, I was…um…anaethesized to the pain at the time. It wasn’t till the next day I realized that my foot hurt, and being the man that I am, I just walked it off for like…nine months… until I finally got a referral to a foot doctor and he x-rayed it and told me I had a fractured seisamoid. It’s one of those bones you don’t you have until you @$#$^ it up!

    1. NINE MONTHS? Yow, Sarah, you are a LOT tougher than me. I probably would have spent the first night whimpering and feeling sorry for myself, then carted myself around in a wheelchair for the next six months…

  5. I bet your Good Wife could do it. See, once you’ve handled 48 hours of labor, a sore foot is a doddle, as they say in England. I was playing tennis and everything. Which is probably why it never healed properly and I can’t wear high heels anymore, come to think about it…

    1. My wife would certainly be more capable of it than I would, it’s true. Just being pregnant makes a broken foot look like small potatoes, let alone giving birth. But maybe I wouldn’t have noticed at all, since I rarely bother to get up from in front of my computer. 🙂

  6. YOU CAN”T TAKE TIME OFF! I SIMPLY WON’T ALLOW IT! Do you hear me? Drat. You’re not listening. But where else will I get such outrageous chuckles and giggles and guffaws?

    Can’t wait to see your costume, heh heh.

    And good luck with those revisions. Sounds easy peasy, though. I’m not surprised your revision notes are light. Your novel is probably about perfect already. See how you’ve sucked me into your empire, Mike? I’m practically drooling here. Sheesh.

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