Zombified! Or, that third drawing is actually a pretty good likeness

So my friend and fellow author Ellen Oh recently tweeted a superb, highly entertaining series of zombie drawings done by her kids, who are awesome! Awesome, I say! At first my favorite was the Hasidic Jew zombie, although the World Cup zombie is quite timely, but then the zombie drawing shenanigans went to a new level. Ellen and I were engaged in our continuing Twitter feud, one of many such feuds I carry on as I build the majestic galaxy-conquering behemoth known as #mikesempire, and somehow Ellen ended up talking her kids into drawing zombie versions of ME! How cool is that? Check out the results…

Zombie Mike dunking a tasty brain into a cup of coffee. Note the cup of noodles "with teeny brains" on the table. By Skye.
About-to-be-Zombie Mike sitting on a mountain of books, getting bitten on the leg by a hungry zombie. By Gracie.
Mike Jung, Zombieauthor! The book I'm writing is called MY LIFE AND AFTERLIFE, and there's a nice tasty brain on a plate waiting to be consumed. By Summer.

If you didn’t know, Summer is also quite the accomplished blogger, having conducted this stellar interview of hotshot debut author Kate Milford on Ellen’s blog and this equally stellar interview of Theodosia Throckmorton and Nathaniel Fludd creator R.L. LaFevers for the Enchanted Inkpot.

Talented family, eh? Ellen recently accepted an offer of representation from Joe Monti of the Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency, so yeah, definite creative chops for the Oh clan. I’d try and tie this in to my own writing process one way or another (I do have some zombie squirrels in my new FrankenSmack work-in-progress), but really, the Oh girls and their zombie art have plenty of reason to stand tall on their own. Or groan mindlessly and lurch about, as the case may be.

Dishing up some cerebellum,


15 thoughts on “Zombified! Or, that third drawing is actually a pretty good likeness

    1. If you buy the book I will allow you to harbor the illusion that you can bring #mikesempire down, of course. 🙂

  1. Wow, this is seriously cool. That’s some pretty intense gnashing going on in that third one. You must have hit an extra chewy temporal lobe or something.

    LOL, thanks for sharing!

    Angela, who is on a unplug week break, but couldn’t help but comment, and is now shuffling off before someone sees her online.

    1. It’s a very vivid set of images, isn’t it? That third one IS pretty intense. It must be because I’m writing in that one…

  2. Hi Mike! This is Skye! Thanks Mike! I’m glad my picture was first! I’m real happy you put our pictures on your blog!


  3. Stellar. While certainly they all get points for both invention and accuracy, I have to say the googly eyes on the red-shirted zombie in the corner might have pushed Gracie’s into the lead. Also the fact that its arms are coming out of its head. Everybody knows that’s one of the often-overlooked parts of a true zombie transformation.

    1. Gracie’s also has the virtue of suggesting a great deal of violent movement. The zombie limbs flying all about! The panicked motion of my right arm being thrown upward as the zombie bites my thigh! Then again, Skye’s version includes two of my favorite foodstuffs – coffee and cup of noodles (with teeny brains, of course) – and Summer’s version is subtly complex, what with the disturbing picture hanging on the wall and the zombie dog with its own dog bowl of brain on the floor…

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