An agency client page, an ARC, and a contest winner

This past couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing a new and heady feeling of, oh, how should I say it…forward momentum? Helium-like ascension? Foggy-headed stupefaction? Things feel like they’ve been changing, yo! For example, for the very first time in my life I can say that I, Mike Jung, accomplished crazypants and semi-pro nincompoop, appear on a webpage listing the clients of a literary agency – the Erin Murphy Literary Agency client webpage, to be exact. HOW COOL IS THAT? That’s some pretty groovy stuff, babies.

Julia DeVillers just sent me this ARC of MINDBLIND! I didn't even have to bribe her!

Then I got this ARC sent to me by Julia Rozines Devillers – it’s called MINDBLIND, and it’s by Jennifer Roy, who is Julia’s twin sister! I find it tremendously pleasing that there are twin sister authors out there, doing their thing, dominating the cosmos with their MG and YA books. I find it even more tremendously pleasing (Is that a real way to phrase something? I’m suddenly having a brain cramp here) that one of the awesome twin sister authors sent me an ARC of the other twin sister’s novel. If you didn’t know, BTW, Julia once hung out with Mr. T for some kind of freelance assignment way back in the day, although I can’t find the photographic evidence right at this moment. It hasn’t been that long since I received my very first-ever ARC, so the thrill hasn’t yet gone. Plus, Eric Luper endorses this book, and Sarah Darer Littman actually blurbed it, so you know it’s gotta be a quality read. AND IT”S MINE ALL MINE MWAHA! MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

*slaps self in face*

Pardon me, that was undignified. Finally, last but not least, the winner of my recent Mike-Empties-Out-His-Bookshelves contest is Jodi Moore! Huzzah, Jodi! Go back to that blog post and take your pick of all the books on that list, and I’ll ship ’em out to you using the cheapest, most glacially slow shipping option available to me…

Onward, fellow pilgrims. What lies ahead for our hero? Well, revisions, for one. Sending said revision to my agent. And maybe, just maybe, before too long, my maiden voyage into the uncharted waters of *gasp* editor submissions. How terribly, terribly exciting, for me anyway, if not for you. GEEZ, WHY AREN’T YOU EXCITED FOR ME? Show some compassion, for crying out loud.

As ever,


12 thoughts on “An agency client page, an ARC, and a contest winner

    1. Thanks for coming by, granny1947! Always a pleasure to have somebody new drop by, and yeah, thelisas rock!

  1. No…really? Like, really? I won? Books? ME???
    I hope you know how tremendously excited I am for you, Mike…and after reading this post, I am tremendously excited for ME! I never win ANYTHING and to win something like this, on a blog as witty as this, from a fellow writer and friend “now listed on the Erin Murphy Literary Agency clients page”…I am tremendously honored, excited and totally Tigger dancing! Woot! Thanks SOOO much not only for the books, but for the inspiration and smiles…HUGS! 😀

  2. Well OF COURSE you’re excited, Jodi. This is, like, the best contest EVER. 😉 Congrats, and thanks!

  3. Wahoooo!!! Your agented that’s fab – you -lous!!!!
    Go Mike Go!!!! Yes, I have had afew drinks but here’s another just for you! Pimms of course :-D.

    Reviews are so much more fun with a guaranteed professional audience don’t you think?

    1. Thanks Medeia! The revisions are going swimmingly. The ARC situation might seem more impressive than it actually is, just because I make a LOT OF NOISE every time I get one. But still, thanks!

  4. Geez…fine, I’m excited for you, okay? Yeah…even for getting that ARC. Yeesh.

    And…_thanks_ for sharing your journey (seriously now). I’m loving following along, seeing the other side of the publishing world…AND, leoove your sense of humour!

    Cheers and happy revisioning!

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