Agented! Or, THIS IS SO COOL

ETA: Well, upon further review, this post is actually quite a revolting show of self-congratulatory nonsense, isn’t it? And yet despite my little after-the-fact warning of the insubstantial blather that lies ahead, you’re gonna continue on and read it anyway. *sniff* You make me feel so special…

Ahoy mateys, well, it’s been quite an exciting few weeks for me. The ole bloggy wog might suffer a bit under the strain of new demands on my time, just FYI – being all high and mighty and agented has broadened my horizons, you know? I have agent-mates and so on, for example. Not to sound like too much of a slobbering rube, but I still find it wondrous to think that I’m a client of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency, and will probably find it wondrous for quite some time.

BTW, I know I still have to pick–err, I mean ANNOUNCE the winner of my most recent contest, the one for the big stack of previously read books. I know, I know, I’m very tardy, but you do understand why, right? You’re not such a book-hoarding jackal as to not understand, are you? I’m getting email from other EMLA clients and stuff, come on, it’s really discombobulating! Okay okay, just because I luvs ya to death and all I’m gonna announce the winner on Friday. So try not to get too bent out of shape before then, hokay?


Speaking of other EMLA clients, I was one of a number of people who promised EMLA author Jean Reidy that I’d help spread the word about her new picture book TOO PICKLEY, which hits shelves today! Jean is off in Uganda doing charitable work, and will have her official launch party sometime in August, but the book does make its way out into the world today, so keep those peepers open for it. Did I mention that Jean and I are represented by the same agency? Yes, I know the grace period within which I can crow about that will end sooner than later, but I”m probably gonna err on the side of spouting off for too long, so just deal with it, babies. Incidentally, if you’ve read Jean’s previous offering, TOO PURPLEY, then you have a pretty good picture of what my daughter’s actual wardrobe choices look like…

In a blaze of literary representational glory,


8 thoughts on “Agented! Or, THIS IS SO COOL

    1. I will never be too cool to hang out with Boni Ashburn! In fact, I’m not even convinced that I’m cool enough to hang out with you right now, Boni!

  1. You enjoy every single second of this ride!! Looking forward to your next big announcement. AND…you go right ahead and be a slubbery rube all over the place, howl at the moon, dance naked in the parking lot,er, okay…maybe just dance.

    Congrats to Jean on TOO PICKLEY!!

  2. Ya, geez Mike, stop with the I gotta agent I gotta agent (or is that gottan agent?) and being all happy about it.

    On second thought, nah…let me say again CONGRATS, lol. You’re talented, funny, work hard at this, genuine, love to read your posts, I do. I feel pretty darn excited for you. And now I am going to stop because I’m getting all emo—

    You rock, buddy.

    p.s. does this get me another entry in the contest? Bwahahahahah…

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