SCBWILA10, or yeah yeah, I got a contest winner for ya too

I know, the graphic below doesn’t have anything to do with SCBWI’s 2010 summer conference in Los Angeles, but ain’t it purty? I’m kind of proud of it, just because I don’t do as much graphic design as I used to. Also, these blog posts thingies seem to work better on some vague conceptual level (and perhaps even on a hard research-oriented web content outcome-based level) when there’s a picture in ’em. And I suppose I can use it to make a blunt and clumsy segue into talking about the LA conference, which I am going to this year! Huzzah!

I don’t know that I have much else to say about the conference other than huzzah. Nothing deep and insightful, anyway, although I am psyched. I’m taking Arthur Levine‘s master class, which I’m very much looking forward to. I’m gonna relentlessly torment Boni Ashburn with jibes about the ease of picture book writing, despite my full assurance that writing a picture book is a lot like carrying out a self-administered trepanning. I’m gonna watch Amber Lough and Jacqui Robbins push each other into the pool during the big gala (NO, they’re not really gonna do that, it’s a Blueboarder thing). There are a ton of online acquaintances who I’m going to meet in person for the first time, and there’s a slew of keynote speakers and session leaders who I’m interested in hearing from. So, I’m just very excited. My first SCBWILA was in 2008, and it was quite the transformative experience for me. I got my first professional critique there, which led to my first request for a full. True, I didn’t actually have a full manuscript (in fact I only had about 50 pages written), but that led to my first high-speed semi-panicked finished draft. Eventually I had my first revision request, and then – ta-dah – my first rejection, which I genuinely believe is a necessary rite of passage. The aspiring writers who never get that first rejection are the ones who don’t submit, if you ask me. Are you going? Tell me if you’re going, because I wanna meet everyone I possibly can. It’ll probably drain me to the point of vampirism, introverted type that I am, but still, I would like to shake your hand and make your acquaintance, pardner.

In other news, the fantabulous contest to win the last ARC in the queue for Kate Milford‘s firecracker debut novel THE BONESHAKER has reached the end of its natural lifespan. And the winner is the one, the only, your friend and mine, a fella who yesterday apparently ran six miles (or 5 miles farther than I go when I run): Paul Greci! Congrats, Paul, you’re getting an ARC of a truly stellar novel, you lucky guy you. To the rest of the contestants, my condolences. It’s a grand prize, and your sadness at not winning it is entirely merited. But you can still go out and buy a copy of THE BONESHAKER, and you absolutely should. From an indie, preferably. Come on, it’ll make you feel better…

Retail-therapeutically yours,


10 thoughts on “SCBWILA10, or yeah yeah, I got a contest winner for ya too

  1. Thanks, Mike! I look forward to reading The Boneshaker!
    I loved your comment about rejection as a necessary rite of passage. So true!

    1. You’re welcome, Paul! THE BONESHAKER is tremendous fun, and it’s a masterful piece of writing – Kate’s going places. I’m glad the rite of passage thing rang true, it’s just one of those things that you gotta get out of the way in order to move forward, right?

  2. I find the outcome of this contest EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING. For all of you keeping track.

    (I mean, congratulations to Paul and all that, but…STILL EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED)

    1. Kudos for fully plumbing the depths of your disappointment, Stirling! Experiencing these deep emotions in a genuine way is good for what ails ya! Hey, if you happen to be coming to SCBWILA10, come on up and just punch me in the face if you want. It’ll be a great attention-getter for both of us! And I’m sure it’ll win me all kinds of sympathy from the editors and agents in attendance!

  3. How did I miss that Arthur Levine was doing a master workshop at the LA conference? Sigh. I just double-checked the website in case, I don’t know, you were maybe being delusional? But I see he is in fact, in addition to Linda Sue Park who is someone else I would love to do a workshop with. It was highly unlikely I could have attended the conference this year anyway, but I’m all the more bummed out now. But happy that someone I know in a bloggy sort of way will be able to experience those things. huzzah for you!

    1. Delusional? How dare you suggest…*sigh* okay, you have a point there, but Arthur Levine really is doing a master class! I had to think long and hard about it though – I write MG, after all, so the Linda Sue Park class would have been great too. But in the end I couldn’t pass up a class with THE Arthur A. Levine. The ghosts of Harry Potter and Millicent Min would have haunted me until the next time he teaches a class… Too bad you can’t make it, Jenn, but maybe at another event we’ll get to say hi in person!

  4. Hey! Way to win, Paul! I knew you had it in you. Your ARC is on the way! Thanks for playing, and thanks to the one and only Great One for getting the word out in his own inimitable style. You, sir, are truly Stupendous. Enjoy SCBWILA. I am suitably envious.


    1. You are most welcome, Madame Clockwork. Paul’s in for a treat. And damn, I like this “Great One” business…

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