#FrankenSmack, or what in the name of all that’s holy is Mike babbling about now??

I know – the question of #FrankenSmack, it’s been keeping you up at night. I MUST KNOW, you’re saying to yourself. Well, I’ll tell you – in fact, I’ll tell you even if you couldn’t possibly care any less, although I know you do care. Just humor me and pretend like you care, damn your eyes…

Are you on Twitter? Do you follow middle grade author and pie junkie Shannon Morgan? You should, partly because she eats bugs and partly because she and I recently decided to unleash the ravenous dogs of literary competition on each other. Observe this Twitter exchange:

Me: I can’t decide whether to set this new WIP [work in progress] in a contemporary setting or something more small-scale & Frankensteinish.

Shannon: @Mike_Jung   Really? You can’t decide?!

Me: @nomadshan   I am PLAGUED with indecision.

Shannon: Suddenly want to write a Frankenstein story. Totally my idea.

Me: @nomadshan   OH SURE IT IS

Me: @nomadshan   DUELING FRANKENSTEIN STORIES! *throws down glove*

Shannon: @Mike_Jung   oooOOOooo. It is so on. *grinds glove into dust*

So there it is, Frankenstein Smackdown! Or, to be more Twitteresque, #FrankenSmack – I know, sounds like a new designer drug and we’re supposed to be children’s writers, just get past it already. I assure you it has nothing to do with Al Franken, despite my own liking for the man. Shannon and I will each barf up 1,000 words of new Frankensteinish fiction and post it on our blogs, by which I mean to say my blog, right here, and her blog, right there. This gala event, which the entire known universe is following on Twitter, will take place at 9:00 a.m. PDT on Monday, March 22. You will weep at the pathos of Frankenstein’s monster. You will wail at the deranged grief of Victor Frankenstein himself. You will marvel at the literary stylings of Shannon Morgan. And you will stare, slack-jawed and glassy-eyed, as I take Mary Shelley’s timeless creation and mangle it beyond recognition. MONDAY, DISCO MINIONS


2 thoughts on “#FrankenSmack, or what in the name of all that’s holy is Mike babbling about now??

  1. Rock ON, Mike and Shannon. I do not follow Shannon, pie eater, middle grader writer, I will. Looking forward to the Frankenstein SMACK DOWN….

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