Duck Family, or the Value of Talking Stuffed Animals to Mike’s Creative Process

I’ve realized one of the pitfalls in my lazy, lazy approach to vlogging is that I often screw up, which erodes trust among you, gentle vlog viewers, while making me look like something of a tongue-tied simpleton. So I have decided to point out the errors! Why? Really not sure – it’s not gonna make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, after all, but that’s never stopped me before. So! When I say “not too similar” in regard to the parallels between stuffed duck play and writing, what I meant to say was “not dissimilar.” See? Eh? Changes the whole meaning of this vlog experience for you, doesn’t it? Ratchets the profundity up to a whole new level, eh? OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, JUST HUMOR ME AND SAY YES


13 thoughts on “Duck Family, or the Value of Talking Stuffed Animals to Mike’s Creative Process

  1. Not sure what I liked better, the part where you talked about your relationship with your daughter or how you tied the whole talking to stuffed animal thing in with writing. Very fun.

  2. ROFL! “age-appropriate smack” = FTW!

    I have been “co-creating” a saga with my daughter since she was 3 (with lots of unicorns and ponies and kitties…mainly based on her current stuffed animal faves. I hear ya!) & now she has control of parts of the story, too. The introduction is always the same, the title is always different, and we tell each other the adventures of this particular magical princess as she has adventures, solves problems, models good behavior and gets into mischief.

    Ah, the inspiration of little children (and total lack of sleep) on the parental mind of an author! GO SANTA DUCK!

    1. SANTA DUCK ROCKS. The stuffed animal sagas are interesting, aren’t they? It actually makes me vividly remember playing with stuffed animals when I was a kid.

  3. That’s how Winnie the Pooh came about. I remember reading somewhere that Milne’s kid wondered if the reason he got new stuffed toys was to feed his father’s writing career. I’ll be watching for that unicorn-pony-Santa-duck book.

    1. I’m thinking the only way the unicorn-pony-Santa duck book will work is if I throw in a few zombie squirrels. AW, YOU KNEW THAT WAS COMING

    1. Thanks Paul! Yeah, I’m very interested to see the growth in complexity of her play over time. Definitely fun!

  4. Lol, Mike! Yes! The profundity has been ratcheted…, you rock, duck family rocks….and you know what, I get what you say, and it’s right on. Thanks for the vid!

  5. “age-appropriate smack”

    Oh, Mike Jung, you and I will have age-appropriate drinks at a conference someday and, I believe, have a highly enjoyable conversation… 🙂

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