The Unexpected Joy of Querying, or Hey Man, Don’t Harsh My Mellow


16 thoughts on “The Unexpected Joy of Querying, or Hey Man, Don’t Harsh My Mellow

  1. Good for you! We have to take joy in the simple things otherwise we’d be chronically depressed all the time and eating paint off the walls. (wipes dry wall from lips).

    Yay for fulls out! Yay for queries not yet rejected!

    Now go back to work! ;o)

    1. *spits out mouthful of paint* Uh, right. We absololutely shouldn’t eat paint off the walls just because we feel like it. YES, BACK TO WORK

  2. Yay! I remember that feeling well — I was there in September. I think you’re so right. We have to enjoy the happy moments when we find them. There is so much heartache and uncertainty and worry in this business. It’s wonderful just to feel hopeful and productive, once in a while, and easy to ignore those blissful moments. Glad you’re taking the time to revel in the query high. 😀

    And fingers crossed for those fulls!

    1. Thanks Jenn! Yeah, the query high is nice, isn’t it? Possibilities. It’s good to know there’s a counterbalance to the rejection lows.

    1. I’m still waiting on the first big “yes,” Madelyn, so I suspect I’ll like it – definitely as much as “maybe” and “possibly,” and probably more. 🙂

  3. I am a query junkie. I loved querying. It wasn’t just the possibilities that you talked about, Mike. It was also the continual feeling of anticipation. And I completely agree that you should enjoy every stage of this crazy quest for publication. What’s the point otherwise?

    1. Querying really can be fun, right? And yes, it’s that feeling of anticipation. I know it gets drowned out by the anxiety part sometimes, but it’s fun when the anticipation is right there up top.

  4. Nice vlog! And great points about feeling good about the process. I struggle with this because sometimes I think if I feel good about the “fun” parts the feelings I will get about the not so fun parts will kill me. But I am slowly learning to not worry so much about the not so fun parts (and there seem to be a LOT of them) and just savor the fun parts. I’m gonna see if I can apply that to life in general, too. 🙂

    1. Thanks Teri! Yeah, I try to apply that to life in general too, with varying degrees of success. The not so fun parts get to me, no doubt, but the fun parts – they really are fun, little or big.

  5. Wow Mike, I think you need to bottle that optimism and sell it! I definitely could have used some of it when I was querying. Next time the pessimism bug starts stinging me, I’ll have to go back and watch this again. Good luck with the queries!

    1. Thanks Anna! You know, I’ve tried bottling it, but it’s so unreliable – sometimes all I end up with is a bottle of sweat. Which is just disgusting.

  6. You’ve got this vlog thing down. Pretty impressive. Add your great attitude and you’ll go far. Keep querying, send your fulls out, keep positive and you WILL get good news. I know it.

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