I have an ARC of THE BONESHAKER and you don’t


24 thoughts on “I have an ARC of THE BONESHAKER and you don’t

  1. Wow! You did it your first vlog! You’re officially one step closer to complete and utter MIGHTINESS!!!

    Or is that MIGHTY-NESS? Whatever, congrats and great job!

    PS I’ve decided not to be too heinously envious that YOU have an advance reader copy of Kate’s book AND I DON’T.

    PPS Get better

    1. Thanks Lena! I shot this over the weekend and as luck would have it, I AM starting to feel better. “MIGHTINESS” will do nicely, BTW.

  2. Crafty of you to spot that! Misdirection is important, after all – if I just put all the antimatter cannons and interdimensional spearguns in plain view it might compromise my defenses…

  3. YAY Mike! You are brilliant & vloggy!

    (And, P.S., as Billy Crystal used to say on Saturday Night Live: “It’s better to look good, than to feel good!”)

    1. Thanks Dawn! I don’t know that I succeeded in looking any better than I felt, but I think at least I didn’t look any WORSE…

  4. Great to see you “live” Mike. Good luck with your book publishing process. I look forward to reading it with my kids! Keep the vlogs coming!

    1. Thanks Keith. The journey continues, and there’s probably gonna be another vlog post pretty soon. Hope things are good for you and the family…

    1. Aw, you’re gonna make me blush, Vivian. Wait a minute, I’m the leader of #mikesempire, I’M TOO EVIL TO BLUSH

  5. Nicely done, sir! Nice placement of the molecular redistributor in the background, too. I’ve always been a fan of that model. The addition of the cassette deck was a nice option. Keeps it from advertising its presence too much.

    1. I thought you’d appreciate the subtly designed molecular redistributor! The cassette deck option is hard to find, though. I had to special order it from a guy I know in the 9th dimension…

  6. Wha? Dude, you are like so nice and cute and charming. I was expecting evil tyrannical ranting and raving, a little bit of the evil eye and may be some jedi mind tricks.

    disappointed evil minion

    1. Ellen, Ellen, Ellen – I AM EVIL INCARNATE. The regular guy appearance is a SHAM, it’ll sow dissent and confusion throughout #rebelsagainstmikesempire, #bryanslandofawesome, #cindysempire and #elloworld-uh, I mean, just those first three…

  7. Mike, awesome vlog post! You sound just like I imagined you would. But, is this vlog part of your persona or the real you? Looking forward to more vlogs!

    1. Hey Raynbow, long time no speak! Thanks, and good question – it’s a little of both. There’s definitely a performance aspect to this vlogging stuff, it’s a little like when I used to play music at coffeehouses and people would tell me I’m more animated on stage than I am just hanging out at a table. Not that my animated self doesn’t show eventually – it does, given time – but it comes out a lot more quickly when I’m performing in one way or another, and the vlogging does feel like a performance. Nice to hear from you!

  8. You might be sick, but you have great lighting. Looking forward to the next installment. Hmmm, you need an Evil Mike’s Empire theme. Wait, is it Mike’s Evil Empire? Who’s evil? Mike? The Empire?

    1. I’m evil, which of course makes the empire evil by extension. Some of my minions need to be whipped into shape, though. Maybe I can punish them by making them write the theme song… BTW, I’ve been converted to the Cult of the Neti Pot. It’s a weird and somewhat repulsive process, but it really helps!

  9. You know what would make this vlog more awesome? Take out plant. Insert backup dancer. VLOG GOLD!

    Where is The Boneshaker now? I kinda sorta know where you live, dude! GIVE IT UP!

    1. I gotta work on the backup dancer presence, I know. But Martha? You know I think highly of you. You know I think you’re awesome. But you’ll have to pry this ARC out of my COLD DEAD HANDS

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